She Blooms In Art {7 Dots Challenge Inspiration}

7dotschallenge april
Happy Easter to all!!! I hope all are having a beautiful day, with lots of family, food, and lovely spring weather.
I’m excited to be sharing my project created for the 7 Dots Studio April Challenge. As you see from the sampling of projects in the graphic below, there some wonderful projects to inspire. Just click the graphic to go right to the challenge “April Showers Bring May Flowers.”
7dotschallenge april
My take on the challenge, is a canvas I created by collaging a vintage photo and 12×12 Cold Country papers. This is a photo of a emerging female artist in the 1920′s, so I created a assemblage of flowers and bits flowing from her creative mind, with the splashes of paint being her artistic thoughts…in my funky way.
bloom gears, allassiter

full cluster, bloom, allassiter
I hope I inspired you a little to grab your papers, paint, and found bits, and create your own canvas…or other project….that flows straight from YOUR artistic mind.
Again, Happy Easter, and have a lovely day!!

Sweet Boy O’ Mine

Sweet Boy, Full, UWS, ALLassiter
Recently, when helping to clean out his parent’s house, my husband came across this very sweet picture…of him at around 3 years old. I was immediately taken with it, he looks so sweet. I couldn’t wait to create a layout with this photo, and I did some editing to give it a sepia tone. I set about creating my very FIRST little boy layout!! Around here, it’s all about the feminine, so this was a big, fun change for me.
sb, bottom paint/tea
I used a beautiful green from Lindy’s Stamp Gang for this layout, as well as LuminArte paint, and LOTS of tea stain…which was a wonderful first experience for me…I’ve already done it again.
title, sweetboy, allassiter
I added little quirky things, that show the things about a little boy, and things my husband loves today, like books….especially brought to him by his favorite librarian. wink. wink. ;)
mini chip banner, sb, allassiter
This layout was created for the UmWowStudio blog, and I went bonkers with the fabulous products..flair, chipboard, masks. I couldn’t be more inspired by a product….other than say, that stunning paper from 7 Dots Studio’s 9th Wave collection. Gah…..I’m in love.
love flair, sb, allassiter

sb, bottom paper

I’m so happy with how this turned out, and I love the texture I was able to achieve, without it getting too crazily heavy. :)

Thanks SO much for having a look today! Big hugs to you!!
Supplies Used:


Chipboard-Banner Mash, Star Confetti, Layered Hexagons

Flair-Moon Shine, Life is Good

Masks-Hexagon Confetti, Checkerboard

Paper: 7 Dots Studio, 9th Wave

Transparency:Glitz Design

Journal Cards: Jenni Bowlin Studio

Stamps: Viva Las VegaStamps! (washi tape)

Mist: Lindy’s Stamp Gang

Tissue Tape: Tim Holtz

Paint: Plaid, Viva Decor, LuminArte

Trim: The Paper Studio

Ink: Tsukineko

Other: Burlap, Latch Hook Rug fabric, cheesecloth, thread (coates twig), vintage stamps, tea for stain


Bewitched, ALLassiter, VLVS
So, my daughter was asked to model for a local photographer a while back. She was 18 at the time, and I was concerned…wondering what kind of dude this could be; but it turns out, he doesn’t edit his photos…..but the SOOC images are absolutely fabulous. I “stole” a few of them, and they will be showing up on my upcoming pages. :) The photo here on this page is one…..taken right at the beginning of the shoot.
ouija stamp, bew, allassiter
I created this layout for Viva Las VegaStamps, using the ouija board (new to me and fabulous) as a focus (plus a few other yummy choices, like the washi tape stamp, and directional compass. I seriously almost trashed this layout about 1/4 of the way in….it just wasn’t working for me. But I started to add things that felt right….and I like how it is striking in color.
title bewitched
The patterned background paper is 7 Dots Studio..from Illumination collection. I like how the grey patterns contrast well with the neons and pastels (from the 7 Dots Studio Messy Head collection).
close flower, bewitched

bottom section, bewitched,allassiter
Well, as I wrap up today, I will head home to get my home ready for a Sunday birthday party (late) for miss Ivy.
Thanks for popping by, and I’ll be back soon with a super awesome ACTUAL sparkling gnome to share. Happy weekend, gnomies.

Stronger-The Scrapbook Diaries

I’m excited to announce that I have a kit available through The Scrapbook Diaries, that gives you all of the products and a start to finish video on how to make this layout above! Create along with me, start to finish, or just take the products provided, and add your own spin.

Here’s a look at the kit contents:

Materials for Basic Kit and All Others Include:

  • Unlimited access to a private online video.
  • 3 – Sheets of Assorted Cardstock (7Dots and KaiserCraft)
  • 1 – Mini Mister with Lindy’s Stamp Gang (Shabby Turbine)
  • 2 – 10ml Containers of Silks (Pretty Peridot and Mediterranean Blue)
  • 1 – Pack of Cartographer Brads
  • 1 – Steampunk Pieces
  • 1 – Pack Wycinanka Chipboard Gears
  • 1 – Wycinanka Gear Stamp
  • Several Bolts and Nuts (Junkyard Findings)
  • Washi Tape from Tim Holtz (approx. 12″ of 3 styles)
  • Glazed Paperclips from Free Spirit Line
  • Bonus Layout:  2 Sheet of 7Dots, Flowers, paperclips and left-over pieces from featured page

Items Not Included:

Thanks for having a look today, and head over to The Scrapbook Diaries to pick up your kit, and get access to the exclusive video. I’ll be back tomorrow with detailed shots, to get you even more excited! :)

Strong Enough

Compass top, Allassiter
Today I’m sharing a new favorite layout, that I made for 7 Dots Studio this month, using papers from Cold Country and Nature Walk. This is one of those pieces that came together easily, and was a true therapy experience for me.
Bottom, compass glass chevron
I plan on offering an online video class, showing how I create my backgrounds. It is not a difficult process, and it is LOTS of fun. I also create my backgrounds, so that it is incorporated into the patterned paper, and doesn’t obscure it. For this background, I used a brayer, mostly.
Compass Bottom close

chevron, compass
I’ve noticed that I get SO much enjoyment out of the assemblage part of creating a page. Things on things, color and mediums blending together (metal, glass, chipboard, paper, fabric….) they can express so much. None of my work is just created for the prettiness…it all has meaning (not to make myself sound deeper than I am, it’s just deliberate).
Photo cluster, compass, allassiter
Before I sign off today, I just wanted to express how honored I am that you take the time to look at my work, and read my posts…..and leave a little love or encouragement. It really means the world to me. :)
Happy April Fool’s Day……no joke.

Take A Chance {With Video Tutorial}

So, DeeDee created these amazing tunnel tag books for UmWowStudio, and I was so lucky to get to play with one for the one year celebration! I was immediately intrigued by the rectangle focal point in the center of the book, or the “light at the end of the tunnel.” I thought it would be cool to have someone peering out…..and found the perfect photo, of this lovely Victorian girl.
To show you all 4 pages of the book, I’ll work from the back, starting with my “focal point” page.:
To see a tutorial of how I created this page, check this out!:

The fairly simple 3rd page, made with Nature Walk paper, and UmWowStudio gears:
The 2nd page, with layers of Nature Walk papers (mostly trimmed bits from the 6×6 paper cover sheet–I’m miserly with my papers):
And finally, the front page that was at the beginning of my post…washed with bits of color with mist, paint, and ink.


Thanks so much for stopping by, and please pop over to the UmWowStudio blog, for your chance at prizes and giveaways,and to see the other designers BEAUTIFUL projects!!

You Are Here. For now. Or maybe later. Who knows?

Recently, I’ve shown a lot of my ridiculously impatient colors. It’s been pretty ugly. A lot eye opening to me.
A few months ago, my husband learned that his place of work was shutting down the building located in Topeka, and moving the entire operation to Des Moines, Iowa. Employees were offered the opportunity to move at company cost, or accept a severance package.
Jump forward to today, and he just received a transfer job offer, but is still not sure about taking it. We’re waiting. I’m terribly grumpy and impatient, and time just keeps ticking on. And that brings me to this layout. Because……I’ve managed to turn an UmWowStudio chipboard film viewer into a time piece. In fact, my last 4 projects….have some sort of clock on them. And other than this one? That was TOTALLY unintentional. A little Freudian creativity.
I used several metallic paints and inks, and a brayer to create the background. The paper is from 7 Dots Studio‘s Nature Walk collection, and set a nice neutral tone for me to work on top of. I outlined the film reel, and then created the drips on top of each other around that area. Making drips look somewhat purposeful, without being overly tidy, is difficult for me. I discovered letting paint drip from the same area, in different colors, really gives it more freedom.
The stamp used on my background is one of my new favorites, also from Nature Walk. I liked how it gave slim lines in a different direction, to keep things interesting.
Adding bits of UmWowStudio confetti, and that super eye catching flair… rounded it out. Can you see by the skull in the middle of my “film clock” that I’m not too pleased with time’s scale and plan right now? haha!

Thanks for having a look today, and Happy Hump Day! We’ve almost made it to prime create time, friends….the weekend! Keep on moving ahead. <3


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